As a CNC machine user when choosing a machine tool


As a CNC machine user, when choosing a machine tool, it […]

As a CNC machine user, when choosing a machine tool, it will pay great attention to the problem of the machine itself, but it neglects the necessity of some accessories of the machine. This article mainly introduces the pull studs. The rivet is a tensioning component between the machine tool spindle and the tool. If it is used for a long time, it will cause wear and damage. Because it is very small, it is usually not taken seriously by others in use. In order to make the machine tool play its due role, the knowledge of the machine tool rivet and tensioning mechanism should be explained.

The rivet is a threaded part that is often attached to the end of the tool end. The tensioning mechanism of the machine tool spindle mainly relies on it to tighten the shank in the spindle to realize the machining of the machine tool. The tension is maintained by a spring that ensures a tight fit between the tool holder and the tool spindle. Due to the different tool standards, the model of the spindle is different, and the type of the rivet is not the same. This raises a question: How can we choose the rivet that suits us in the face of various types of rivets? The best way is to refer to the instructions for the machine you purchased; or contact our specialists at 400-6700-379 for reasonable guidance.