Basic understanding of CNC machine tool holder


Basic understanding of CNC machine tool holder. The dev […]

Basic understanding of CNC machine tool holder. The development trend of CNC tool holders is: With the development of CNC lathes, CNC tool holders have begun to develop in the direction of rapid tool change, electro-hydraulic combination drive and servo drive.

At present, domestic CNC tool holders are mainly electric, divided into two types: vertical rotary tool holders and horizontal rotary tool holders. Vertical rotary tool post is mainly used for simple CNC lathes; horizontal rotary tool post has eight, ten, twelve and other stations, which can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions. The nearest tool is selected for full-function CNC lathes. In addition, horizontal rotary tool holders also have hydraulically driven tool holders and servo driven tool holders. Electric tool post is an important traditional structure of CNC lathe. Reasonable selection of electric tool post and proper implementation of control can effectively improve labor productivity, shorten production preparation time, eliminate human errors, improve processing accuracy and consistency of processing accuracy, etc. . In addition, the processing technology adaptability and continuous and stable working ability are also significantly improved; especially when processing parts with more complicated geometric shapes, in addition to the control system can provide the corresponding control index, it is important that the CNC lathes are equipped with easy control Electric tool holder, so that all kinds of tools required for one clamping can be flexibly and conveniently completed processing of various geometries.

The market analysis of the number of CNC tool holders is as follows: Domestic CNC lathes will develop to the mid-to-high end, mid-range CNC lathes will be equipped with popular CNC tool holders, and high-end CNC lathes will be powered tool holders, which will have hydraulically driven tool holders, servo-driven tool holders, Vertical rotary tool holders and other varieties.

Basic requirements for rotary tool rest of CNC lathe. As a necessary functional part of CNC machine tools, CNC tool post directly affects the performance and reliability of the machine tool. The basic requirements of a CNC lathe rotary tool post are as follows: