Characteristics and structure of the main drive system of CNC lathe


Characteristics and structure of the main drive system […]

Characteristics and structure of the main drive system of CNC lathe

The main rotating system is a transmission system that realizes the main motion of the actual lathe. It has a stable speed ratio and a certain speed range, and can achieve constant line speed operation within a certain range, to adapt to different tool materials and parts materials, different shapes and sizes of parts, different processing parameters, and convenient Realize the start, stop, shift, reversing and braking of the sport.

The main drive system of a CNC lathe mainly includes an electric motor, a transmission system and a spindle component. Compared with the main drive system of the ordinary lathe, the structure is simpler, the transmission chain is greatly shortened, and the shifting function is realized by the stepless speed regulation of the spindle motor, and the complicated gear shifting mechanism is omitted. At present, most CNC lathes only have two-stage or three-stage gear shifting systems, mainly to expand the range of motor stepless speed regulation.

1. The spindle shift is fast and reliable, and the shift range is wide. Since the debugging system using the DC or AC spindle motor is perfected, it is not only convenient to realize wide-range stepless speed change, but also reduces the intermediate transmission link and improves the reliability of the shift control, thereby obtaining the best production efficiency, machining accuracy and The quality of the surface.

2. High speed and high power. The main drive system enables the CNC lathe to achieve large cutting parameter performance, high-power cutting, and high-efficiency machining.

3. Has good precision retention. The spindle assembly has high wear resistance, and the bearing and the taper hole have sufficient hardness. Where the mechanical friction is ensured by a good lubrication system, the main drive system of the CNC lathe can ensure high main transmission accuracy and can Keep it for a long time.