CNC machine tools generally consist of a numerical control system


CNC machine tools generally consist of a numerical cont […]

CNC machine tools generally consist of a numerical control system, a servo system including a servo motor and a detection feedback device, a main drive system, a high-power control cabinet, a machine tool body, and various auxiliary springs. The dotted line can be used to indicate the basic working process of CNC machining. For CNC machine tools with different functions, the components are slightly different.

It is the core of automatic machining of machine tools. It mainly consists of operating system, main control system, programmable controller and various output interfaces. The operating system consists of a display and a keyboard, and the display has various forms such as a digital tube, a CRT, and a liquid crystal. The main control system is similar to the computer motherboard, and is mainly composed of a CPU, a memory, a controller, and the like. The numerical control system controls the mechanical quantity such as the position, angle and speed of the general object, as well as the physical quantities such as temperature, pressure and flow.

The control method can be divided into two categories: data operation processing control and sequential logic control. The interpolation operation module in the main controller is processed according to the read part program, through decoding, compiling and other information processing. The tool path is interleaved and controlled, and the displacement of each coordinate axis of the machine tool is controlled by comparing with the position and speed feedback signals of each coordinate servo system; and the sequential logic control is usually mainly performed by the programmable controller PLC, which is based on the machine tool. Each action in the machining process requires coordination, and logical determination is performed according to each detection signal, thereby controlling the various components of the machine tool to work in an orderly manner.