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The PowerPro and PowerPro Extreme series of high-torque […]

The PowerPro and PowerPro Extreme series of high-torque starters Tool Holder from Prestolite Electric provide power for liter engines of all makes. Features include the Soft Start relay technology, integral magnetic switch, rotatable flange, mag switch, and sealed noiseless design.

The PowerPro Extreme, which is ideal for agricultural use, also features a high-torque planetary gear reduction and can operate in temperatures.ManufacturerFleetguard’s LF14000NN filter uses a co-bonding lamination process that pairs NanoNet and StrataPore media together to create a single filter element.

This breakthrough manufacturing technology maximizes the media area within the filter for optimal capacity and service life,” says Roma Fatima of Cummins Filtration. “This eliminates the need for separate media sections without losing the performance of the different media grades.”The 52-inch Mobile Work Station from Milwaukee Tools offers nine drawers and two pull-out trays with soft closing slides rated at 100 pounds each.

The total weight capacity of the station’s nine drawers is 1,800 pounds. Features include a multiposition tool tray that can be mounted at different heights on the side of the workstation for storage of bulk items, a quick-access tool holder that provides access to longer tools like screwdrivers and ratchets, a 1-inch-thick reversible hardwood top, and built-in power. Suggested list price for the workstation is .