Difference between upright frame kit and stud kit


If you have been looking into some different types of g […]

If you have been looking into some different types of garage kits, you may have run across pole frame kits and stud wall kits. Do you know the difference between the two? There are advantages to both types of garage kits. Knowing what to look for and understanding the differences will help you to better decide which kit will be the right one for you. As you are looking at the difference between the two types of garage kits, there are some questions that you should ask yourself.

How am I going to use this garage once it is built? What is the purpose of it? How much work am I able or willing to put into the construction of my new garage? By answering these questions to yourself before digging in to the differences between pole frame kits and stud wall kits, you might have a better understanding of which garage kit will be the best for you overall. One garage kit is really not better than the other. They are just different. For example, in a pole frame kit, the poles are driven directly into the ground. There is no need for a concrete foundation. For a stud wall kit, the concrete foundation is necessary in order to complete the garage properly.

Steel siding is used on a pole frame kit, is run vertically, and attached to wall girts, whereas vinyl siding is typically used for a stud wall garage and is run horizontally and attached to plywood. It is necessary to use truss carriers for a pole frame, but a stud wall frame can hold roof trusses directly. Pole frame garages have steel roofing, and stud wall garages have actual shingles applied to the roof. None of these differences are good or bad, but just different. There are also some pros and cons associated with each type of garage kit. The pros of a pole frame garage kit are that they are less expensive to construct and that they do not require too much labor. The cons are that if you want to insulate or finish the interior, there is quite a bit of extra work to do.

The pros of a stud wall Pull Stud garage kit are that they are ready for insulation and for drywall and other finishing elements. The cons are that a stud wall garage is more expensive and takes more work than a pole frame garage. As you can see, there are many differences and a few pros and cons when you compare pole frame garage kits and stud wall garage kits. Before you decide on a kit to purchase, you should sit down and ask yourself a few questions so that you have the right purpose in mind as you head out to find the right garage kit for your situation. Take some time to really understand the reasons you need the space and what benefits you can achieve with either one of the two different garage kits.