General operating procedures for CNC machine tools


General operating procedures for CNC machine tools Befo […]

General operating procedures for CNC machine tools

Before processing, the workpiece process and machining program should be analyzed and programmed first, if the workpiece processing procedure is long or complicated. Do not program on it, but use a programming machine or computer programming, and then back up to the CNC system of the CNC machine through a floppy disk or communication interface. This can avoid increasing the auxiliary time of machining when the machine is occupied.

Generally, the main power supply is turned on first, so that the CNC machine tool has the power-on condition. When a CNC system with a key button is activated and the machine tool is powered on at the same time, the CRT of the CNC machine system displays information, and the hydraulic pressure, pneumatics and each of the machine tools are checked. The connection status of the cymbal and other auxiliary equipment.

Before the machine is machined, the movement reference of each coordinate of the machine tool is established. This step should be performed first for machine tools that increase the control system.

According to the program's media (tape, disk), you can use the tape drive, programming machine or serial port communication input. If it is a simple program, you can directly input it on the CNC control panel with the keyboard, or input the remote segment processing piece by piece in the MDI mode. It is also necessary to input the origin, parameters, offset, and various compensation values ​​of the Ding program before processing.