The development from traditional punches to now CNC-controlled punches


The development from traditional punches to now CNC-con […]

The development from traditional punches to now CNC-controlled punches; making stamping production in many factories improved. CNC punches have greatly improved the production level, improved the quality and accuracy of stamping parts to varying degrees, and maximized savings in human and material resources. Therefore, CNC punches have gradually replaced the traditional punching trend.

The main method for noise control of punch presses is to install a punch sound insulation cover. For enterprises with high requirements, it can also combine vibration damping devices and sound insulation screens.

1. Make the foundation according to the installation instructions and fully tighten the equipment's foundation screws to ensure the machine is stable and can effectively reduce vibration;

2. The use of shock-proof foot pads can reduce the vibration of the punch and the impact on surrounding equipment;

3. Digging shock-proof trenches can minimize the impact of the punch on surrounding equipment. The depth of the shockproof trench must reach the punch.

The routine maintenance and maintenance of CNC punches must be performed by technically trained technicians or personnel with professional mechanical operation experience, and maintenance and maintenance should be performed in accordance with the rules of this manual. The punch manufacturers list here the common CNC punch operation instructions:

1. The use of high-speed CNC punching presses is not allowed to exceed the nominal pressure of the high-speed punching. Long-term overloading will cause exhaustion and cracking of the crankshaft and fuselage, resulting in mechanical and personal safety issues. Use suitable machinery and equipment.

2. During high-speed CNC punching operation, stop punching two metal materials or multiple pieces of data together.

3. The customer's special requirements to order the use of mechanical pedals to directly manipulate the organization are not in line with safety requirements. When using the foot switch function, it is necessary to equip the photoelectric maintenance device, otherwise the customer will be responsible for the incident.

4. When using the continuous operation function of the slider, the feeding cannot be performed by human hands, and it is necessary to equip the master