The high-end CNC industry is the foundation of the manufacturing


The high-end CNC industry is the foundation of the manu […]

The high-end CNC industry is the foundation of the manufacturing industry. Five years ago, China's high-end CNC machine tool market was almost monopolized by several foreign giants. Due to China's huge demand for the processing of components such as thruster propellers and turbine blade engineering in the fields of energy, aviation, aerospace, marine, military, etc., even if foreign products are sold at sky-high prices, Chinese people can only buy at prices.

In NC turning, the program runs through the entire part. Because each person's processing methods are different, and the processing procedures are different, but the ultimate goal is to improve the production efficiency of CNC lathes, so it is particularly important to choose the most reasonable processing route. In this paper, starting from the details of determining the cutting path and selecting the appropriate G command, this paper analyzes the programming method in NC turning. I. Analysis of part drawing Analysis of part drawing is the first task in process preparation, which directly affects the preparation and processing results of parts. It mainly includes the following items: Analyze the geometric conditions of the machining contour: the main purpose is to deal with the unclear size and closed dimension chain on the drawing. Analyze the dimensional tolerance requirements on part drawings to determine the processing technology that controls their dimensional accuracy, such as the selection of tools and the determination of cutting consumption. Analysis of shape and position tolerance requirements: For NC cutting, the shape and position errors of parts are mainly affected by the accuracy of the machine's mechanical motion pairs.

The factory is built underground because the production of precision machine tools must be carried out in a constant temperature environment. Small changes in temperature and humidity may affect the accuracy of equipment and products. The underground factory supplemented by Koyo's independent intelligent energy efficiency integrated control management system will greatly reduce the later operating costs and lay a solid foundation for ensuring product accuracy.