Optical Electronic Edge Finder

Optical Electronic Edge Finder

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Optical Electronic Edge Finder Details

Optical Electronic Edge Finder

Code No. Type Shank Dia Total Length Test Tip Dia
OP-20 Illumination but without beep as illustrated pic 3/4"(20mm) 6.3"(160mm) 0.4"(10mm)
OP-32 5/4"(32mm) 6.1"(155mm) 0.4"(10mm)
ES-20 Illumination and beep as illustrated pic 3/4"(20mm) 6.3"(160mm) 0.4"(10mm)
ES-32 5/4"(32mm) 6.3"(160mm) 0.4"(10mm)


Optical Edge Finder

-Quick locate working edges.
-Save time to finder positions,for milling maching,jig borers,and other machine tools.
-Is a high sensible position measuring.
-Uses dry batteries to light the red lamp
-The scope of application includes edge surface,inside and outside diameters and high efficiency.
-There is a safety spring puller,ehich will put a ball precisely back to the position when ball breaks away from ball seat.


ES Optical Edge Finder

-the red lamp can concentrate light and resist water.
-It will beep at the same time when the red lamp is on.
-When probe is in a deep hole you can't see the red light,but you can hear the sound.


How to use the optical edge finder:

1.Insert the batteries
Take off the batteries' cap and insert batteries correctly.Do not insert batteries upside down.

2.Confirmation of the light
Confirm the lighting of red lamp with touching A-B part with a metal material(clip,L-mench,etc.)

3.Mount the edge finder into tool holder and check if its concentricity is within 0.005mm.
4.Do not place Edge Finder's body below work surface.Be sure that ball center is approximately 1/32" or 1mm below work surface.
5.Move the work table to make the edge of work piece touch the ball of edge finder until the red lamp is illuminate.
6.Mark the reading dial of table movement,backward the table a little and re-touch the work piece o edge finder slightly until the red lamp is on again to make sure of the correct dial reading.


1.Zero the reading dial and move the table to the desired position by adding 5mm to the desired dimension X.
2.Take off the edge finder and remout the desired tooling for the machining.T.I.R. within 0.0002"-0.005mm.


This Edge Finder is damage-free with spring-sustained ball.In case of over-travel,move backward and feed carefully.

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