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According to the process of returning the reference point of the CNC machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

According to the process of returning the reference point of the CNC machine, the main reason for the machine not returning to the reference point is the servo system fault, zero switch damage, zero pulse loss, CNC system measurement board failure and peripheral fault. In addition, because the zero point and zero switch and limit switch position adjustment is not good, the reference point will also fail.

If there is a problem with the encoder or the scale, the machine's coordinate origin will generally change after replacing the new encoder or scale. Check and proof before automatic machining. If there is a change, adjust the machining program or zero offset of the machine. In addition, after replacing the zero switch or encoder, adjust the distance between the zero pulse and the zero switch. After pressing the zero switch, the encoder turns a half turn and sends a zero pulse. Otherwise, it is too close or too far. It may cause a fault that is not allowed to return to the reference point.

CNC machine tools can not return to the fault of the reference point. Generally, there are the following situations: First, due to the problem of the zero point switch, the PLC does not generate the deceleration signal; second, the zero pulse of the encoder or the scale has a problem; the third is the numerical control system. There was a problem with the measuring board and no zero pulse was received.


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