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Tel: 0086-575-86168818 (International)
Tel: 0086-575 86168816 (Domestic)
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Add:No.285 Lijiang Road Xinchang City, Zhejiang Province, China


Located in Xinchang, Zhejiang, Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, aimed to be one of the most reliable and competent suppliers of CNC machine tools in China, for customers all over the world.


March 2007, Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 100,000 yuan;


January 2010, the registered capital increased to 1.11 million yuan; the company was renamed as Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd.;


June 2012, the company invested 8.4 million yuan purchase Xinchang high-tech industrial park on the 2nd block;


August 2012, Junnuo Tools Technology Building started construction;


March 2013, the technology center was set up, in Frankfurt, Germany;


With the mission to create mechanical artwork and the industry experience of more than 10 years and well-trained staff, we have exported our goods to so many countries and regions including Germany, Italy, Swiss, Australia and so on. And as a professional CNC machine tool manufacturer,we regard quality as everything. From the material choosing to production finished, the whole procedure is under very strict management. And also, we have improved our after-sale system year by year. We provide not only great production, but also exceptional service.


Time flies and everything changes, so do we! In the future, we'll continue to update with high-tech approach, absorb professional technicians, and introduce more first-class technology and equipment. We'll be your best partner!


Standing in the river of long business history, and as a young high- tech company, Junnuo devotes themselves to becoming the leading China CNC Machine Manufacturers and CNC Machine Tools Suppliers, and to present the high level standard and qualified labors to the world.




 No.285 Lijiang Road Xinchang Zhejiang Province, China
 0086-575-86168818 (International Sales)
 0086-575 86168816 (Domestic Sales)
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