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At present many domestic operators who are just engaged in CNC machine tools

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

At present, many domestic operators who are just engaged in CNC machine tools, some operators are very familiar with machining, but the programming of CNC machine tools is relatively unfamiliar; some are just graduated students, they have knowledge of machining, CNC machining and programming. The theory is familiar, but lacks practical machining experience; there are also many operators who have never been exposed to machining and programming.

For those of the beginner CNC machine tools, it is very important to master certain CNC machine tool operation skills. On the one hand, they can avoid machine collision accidents, resulting in machine damage; second, they can quickly improve the operator's CNC machine tool operation skills in a short period of time, competent for their jobs. The following introduces the theoretical knowledge of the operation skills of some CNC machine tools, and hopes to have some reference significance for the operators of CNC machine tools just engaged. First of all, the operator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the operating CNC machine tools.

Understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool: to understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; to master the shafting distribution of the machine tool; to grasp the positive and negative direction of each CNC axis of the machine tool; to master the functions and use of the various parts of the machine tool, such as simple Pneumatic system principle and function, simple hydraulic system working principle and function; in addition, it is necessary to master the working principle and function of each auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as the work of the tool magazine, cooling unit, voltage regulator, electrical cabinet cooler, etc. Principle, function and method of use, as well as the working principle, function and usage of each safety door lock of the machine tool.

Firmly grasp the functions of each operation button of the machine: know how to execute the program; how to check the workpiece processing status after suspending the program, resume the execution after restarting the pause state, how to stop the program; how to change the program before executing the program, and so on.


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