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CNC machine tools are highly automated machine tools

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

CNC machine tools are highly automated machine tools. The machining process and the surface forming method are basically the same as those of ordinary machine tools. The fundamental difference between the two is the principle and method of implementing automatic control. CNC machine tools use digital information to achieve automatic control. The information related to the machined parts—the dimensional parameters of the workpiece and tool relative motion trajectory (such as feed rate) and the machining parameters of the machining process (such as main motion and feed motion). The speed, the amount of back-feeding, etc.) and various auxiliary operations (main motion shifting, tool change, cutting fluid opening and closing, and workpiece clamping and loosening, etc.), using codes consisting of specified words, numbers, and symbols. The machining program is written in a certain format, and then the machining program is input into the numerical control device. After the numerical control device is analyzed and processed, various signals and commands corresponding to the program are issued to control the machine tool for automatic machining. The principle and process of the digital control is accomplished by the various components of the above-described CNC machine tool.

Can adapt to the automatic processing of different parts. The CNC machine tool is automatically machined according to the NC program of the machined part. When changing the machined parts, as long as the NC program is changed, there is no need to replace special machining equipment such as cams, masters, templates or drills. Therefore, its production preparation cycle is short, which is conducive to the upgrading of mechanical products.

High production efficiency and processing accuracy, and stable processing quality. CNC machine tools can use a large amount of cutting, which effectively saves man-hours. Functions such as automatic shifting, automatic tool change, and other auxiliary operation automation greatly shorten the assist time and eliminate the need for inspection and measurement between processes, so the productivity is 3 to 4 times higher than that of ordinary machines. At the same time, due to the high precision of the CNC machine itself, it is also possible to use the software for accuracy correction and compensation; and the CNC machine tool automatically processes the parts according to the NC program, which can avoid human error, not only high processing precision, but also stable quality.


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