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CNC machining is more demanding on the rigidity

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

CNC machining is more demanding on the rigidity, accuracy, durability and dynamic balance of the tool. The choice of tools should pay attention to the structure and process analysis of the workpiece, combined with the processing capabilities of the CNC machine tools, workpiece materials and process content.

The structure of the tool holder of CNC machine tools is divided into two types: integral type and modular type. The integral shank has its working part of the clamping tool integrated with its shank for positioning on the machine. This kind of tool holder has poor adaptability to the change of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the change of parts and machine tools, the user must stock the handles of various specifications, so the utilization of the handle is low. The modular tooling system is a more advanced tooling system, each of which can be assembled from a variety of serial modules. Different assembly parts are adopted for different machined parts and machine tools, and a variety of tool holder series can be obtained, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the tool holder.

The choice of the structure of the shank should be both technically advanced and economically reasonable: 1 for some long-term repeated use, no need to assemble a simple tool with an integral shank, so that the tool is rigid and cheap (such as the outer contour of the machined part) End mill cutter shank, spring collet shank and drill chuck shank, etc.) 2 When machining multi-variety and small batch parts with frequent changes in hole diameter and hole depth, modular shank should be used to replace a large number of whole The type of shank handle reduces the processing cost; when 3 pairs of CNC machine tools are used, especially when the machine tool spindle end and the tool changer are different, the modular tool holder should be used. Since the intermediate modules (posts) and working modules (tooling modules) used in each machine tool are universal, the equipment investment can be greatly reduced and the tool utilization rate can be improved.


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