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CNC toolholders typically use a 724 taper tool shank

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

CNC toolholders typically use a 7:24 taper tool shank

CNC toolholders typically use a 7:24 taper tool shank. And the corresponding form of the rivet tensioning structure is adopted. Currently, it is widely used in China with ISO international standards, GB Chinese standards, JT Japanese standards and American standards. The difference in the shank pull determines the difference in the shank, the Latin with the steel ball tightened and the Latin without the steel ball, the difference is whether the top of the Latin has a chamfer.

National standard for CNC tools: The spindle taper holes of the machining center are usually divided into two categories, namely a general-purpose system with a taper of 7:24 and a HSK vacuum system with a 1:10.

Universal shanks with a 7:24 taper are usually available in five standard and specifications, namely NT (traditional), DIN 69971 (German standard), IS07388/1 (international standard), MAS\BT (Japanese standard) and ANSI/ASME ( American standard). Titanium Machinery is the main product of the company with rotary top, screw, shaft machining, CNC lathe machining, shank shank and collet post. The NT type shank of the NT type is DIN 2080. It is used to tighten the shank by a tie rod on a conventional machine tool. It is also called ST in China. The other four shanks are placed on the machining center through the shank of the shank. The handle is tightened.

At present, the most used in China are the DIN69871 (ie JT) and MAS\BT type. The tool holders of type DIN69871 can be mounted on DIN 69871 and ANSI/ASME spindle taper machines. The tool holders of type IS0 7388/1 can be mounted on DIN 69871, IS0 7388/1 and ANSI/ASME spindle taper machines. Upper, so the shank of IS0 7388/1 is the best in terms of versatility.


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