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How to use pull nails in CNC tools

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

The pull nail in CNC tools is a very important part of it. If CNC Machine Pull Stud it is not used properly, it will be abandoned and overturned. It is conceivable how such a small part plays a big role in order to make everyone better. Operation, today, I will tell you how to use the nail correctly to prevent unnecessary losses. The speed of modern machine tools is getting higher and higher, the power is getting bigger and bigger, and it has become "smarter", so that very complex parts can be processed with less input.



However, no matter how advanced the processing technology is, how well the equipment is maintained, eventually in the movement of mechanical parts, there will always be some traces of use. The pull stud described in this article refers to the tension element between the spindle and the tool holder of a CNC machine tool for boring and milling. It will wear out and be damaged for a long time, but it is in process because it is small, replaceable, and relatively inexpensive. The importance of is not easy to attract people's attention.


In order to make the machine tool operate normally and maintain in time, we should understand the knowledge about the matching between the pull nail and the tension mechanism of the machine tool and the standard shank and the pull nail. In addition, the operator and maintenance personnel of the machine tool should also have common knowledge in the selection, maintenance, and damage determination of nails. How do you find the model specifications you need in the face of various nails? To choose the pull nail. Most machine tool manufacturers give drawing drawings in the machine tool manual. It is also possible to directly measure the pull nails that come with the machine tool and then determine them.


Although pull nails are consumables and are easy to buy, they still need to be properly stocked. Avoid bumping, scoring and scratching each other during storage, otherwise it will affect the service life of the nail. For pull studs with "O" seals, the "O" rings should be replaced regularly. After the nail is removed, it should be cleaned thoroughly. No noise or other particulate cleaning methods can be used. A torque wrench is used to install the pull studs. Proper torque can extend the service life of the pull studs. It can also ensure the consistency of torque and ensure the safety of the processing process. The pull nails used in the roughing process should be inspected for magnetic particles so that cracks under the surface can be found in time. In addition, maintenance records should also be established, which should include: who checked the pull nail, the content and result of the test, the time of completion.

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