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The walking lathe is a kind of production equipment

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

The walking lathe is a kind of production equipment that is applied to the work shop and has high production efficiency and excellent quality. However, because it is a relatively new type of equipment, people are not very familiar with some specifications when operating, and some may exist. Incorrect operation will shorten the service life of the product or make the quality of the produced product lack. Next, we will introduce the operation standard of the heart-type lathe by the standard CNC machine. What problems should we pay attention to when using it?

CNC walking machine

1. Need to develop a scientific process first

If you want to let the operators use the machine reasonably and regularly, everyone must set up a formal process and strict operational specifications at the beginning, and establish a strict system to require workers to follow, for example, when the machine is running by itself. Workers need to be monitored at the side, and they can't leave without permission, so as to avoid some unexpected situations, and not related to staff, idlers, etc.

2, keep the workshop clean and tidy

For the health industry, many companies do not pay much attention to it. It is a problem that everyone is easy to ignore. Today's standards recommend that companies need to keep the workshop clean, not only from the worker's point of view, but also in the clean and tidy operation workshop. The mood is clear, the work efficiency can be effectively improved, and the dust-free environment will not cause damage to the equipment due to dust impurities. If the damage occurs, the quality will be degraded and the service life of the equipment will be affected. Get enough attention from the company and don't have too much dust and garbage.

3. Regular inspection work

For the used lathe, it is necessary to maintain the equipment regularly. It is necessary to specify how long the system needs to be inspected and maintained, which parts need to be inspected, whether the precision of the equipment is accurate enough and whether it is regularly lubricated, etc. Only by maintaining these details can the parts produced have better quality and the workers can be safer when using the machine.

4, the diameter of the workpiece must meet the requirements

Generally speaking, when using a heart-turning lathe, there are many advantages that traditional equipment does not have, but it also has a obvious disadvantage, that is, there are restrictions on the diameter requirements of the produced parts, and only the diameter can be produced at 32. Parts within a millimeter, and beyond this value can not be produced, we must pay special attention to this point when using.


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