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With the continuous development of modern manufacturing and processing technology

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-10      Origin: Site

With the continuous development of modern manufacturing and processing technology, CNC machining equipment and its supporting CAM system have been widely used and developed. The machining tool path generated by the CAM system (ie, the cutting mode) is the core of the processing operation of the control equipment. It directly affects the precision of the workpiece, the surface roughness, the overall machining time, the service life of the machine tool, etc., and finally determines the production. effectiveness.

In CNC machining, the pass mode refers to the trajectory planning method when the tool completes the workpiece cutting. In the same part processing, a variety of cutting methods can achieve the size and accuracy requirements of the parts, but the processing efficiency is not the same.

The way of walking can be divided into four categories: one-way, reciprocating, circular and compound. The compound cutter is the first three hybrid cutters. With one-way or reciprocating passes, the cutting strategy is a cutting pass. Therefore, according to different processing strategies, the way of cutting can be divided into line cutting, ring cutting and other special methods. Line cutting and loop cutting are commonly used.

The cutting method is beneficial to the maximum feed rate of the machine tool, and the cutting surface quality is better than the ring cutting process. However, when a complex planar cavity has a plurality of bosses to form a plurality of inner contours, an additional lift action is often generated, either at some point in the tool path, or to avoid interference between the tool and the boss, or To return the tool to the remaining unprocessed area, lift the tool so that it has a certain height from the machining plane, then translate to the beginning of another tool path and continue the cutting action.

The cutting tool path is mainly composed of a series of straight lines parallel to a fixed direction, and the calculation is simple. Suitable for simple cavity finishing or roughing for large margins.


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