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100MM Height Presetter

100MM Height Presetter Details

100MM Height Presetter

No need to test cut!
Reference point of work piece can be measured very quickly and accurately
without damage of tool teeth.



-High precision measurement
-Easy to accurately measure tooling off-set values on the machine.
-Hard wearing powerful magnetic base.
-It's powerful magnetic base makes it suitable for use on manual machine as well as vertical/Horizontal Centres and NC Lathes.
-Swarf removal The magnetic base can keep the reference face clean.
-Plungh Head is given a Anti-rust Rubber seal.

Adjustment of reference point
No setting gauge plate is required to adjust zero point.Push plunger down by hand,and adjust the large hand to the zero scale of dial gauge.The small hand indicated "-3"at this time.


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 No.285 Lijiang Road Xinchang Zhejiang Province, China
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